About Us

Our original intention

Jack&Rose was established in 2018 out of love for home aesthetics. We believe that home is the warmest and most private space for a person. It is not only the combination of roof and wall, but also the stage of life and the sustenance of emotion.



Our mission

The mission of Jack&Rose is to create a beautiful, comfortable and tasteful home environment for everyone. We regard home furnishing as an art, and through carefully selected products, we help you create a unique home space that matches your personal style.


Our opinion

Aesthetics and Functionality: We believe that a home should not only be beautiful, but also functional. Our products not only focus on appearance design, but also focus on function and user experience.

Seiko secret work: Every product is carefully crafted by experienced craftsmen. We pursue excellent quality, from material selection to production process, we strive for excellence.

Innovation and sustainability: While constantly exploring innovative design concepts, we also pay attention to sustainable development. We choose environmentally friendly materials and are committed to reducing our environmental impact.


Our products

Our products cover home decoration, furniture, aromatherapy lamps, humidifiers and other fields, and each product is the brainchild of our design team. Whether it is a warm family gathering, or enjoying a quiet time alone, we hope our products can bring comfort and beauty to your home.


Create a better life with Jack&Rose

We sincerely invite you to join the Jack&Rose family and pursue high-quality home life together. We believe that home is a harbor of happiness, Jack&Rose will create unique art of life for you.