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Large Evaporative Humidifier for Large Room-No White Dust

Large Evaporative Humidifier for Large Room-No White Dust

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  • šŸ–šŸŽšŸŽš¦š‹/š‡ š‹ššš«š šž šŽš®š­š©š®š­ & šŸ‘ š’š©šžšžšš¬:Large room evaporative humidifier is with 800 ml/h humidification capacity quickly increases the humidity throughout whole house. The evaporative humidifier for large bedroom is equipped with a 2 gal large water tank. In powerful mode,evaporative humidifier combines dual fans to accelerate evaporation with an area of up to 600 square feet, never worry about congestion, coughing, and dry skin.
  • ššØ š–š”š¢š­šž šƒš®š¬š­, ššØ šŒš¢š§šžš«ššš„:After the tap water passes through the wick filter, it forms clean and invisible moisture. Our no mist humidifier for large room is healthier than the moist impurities and water vapor brought by ultrasonic humidifier. The mist free humidifier will be no white dust, no mineral buildup on your furniture, and causing respiratory issues.
  • ššØ ššžšžš šƒš¢š¬š­š¢š„š„šžš š–ššš­šžš«: Evaporative humidifiers for large room can use tap water directly, so it's very easy to clean and no need to spend extra money on distilled water. Minerals are precipitated through the wick filter, and the invisible water that diffuses into the air will not cause lung hazards from water particles.
  • š‘šžš®š¬šžššš›š„šž š–ššš¬š”ššš›š„šž š–š¢šœš¤: The material of evaporative humidifier wick is reuseable and can be washed in the washing machine, no additional cost to purchase the wick. When it's short of water, a red ring will light up to notify of water shortage, and it will automatically shut down after running until the inside is dry, so there is no excess moisture inside and no unpleasant smell. You just need to clean evaporative humidifier once every half month.
  • š’š®š©šžš« šš®š¢šžš­ & š’š„šžšžš© šŒšØššž: The evaporative humidifiers for bedroom is ultral quiet in all modes, less than 45 decibels, when used in a large bedroom, you can select sleep mode, the screen display will remain off, and there is no brightness to disturb your sleep.
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